Güngör Family has begun its olive trading in the early 1990s while producing olives in the town of Narlıca in Orhangazi / Bursa. We have expanded our small scale olive trading by launching our Gemlik Packing Plant that we founded in 2003, with the support of our producing farmers that we supply olives and the incentives of our customers. In 2010, we have made our Akhisar plant investment that has the capacity of 6000 tons of olive storage and 20 tons of olive packing per day on 30 acres of land and have extended our product portfolio adding the types of green olive varieties and sliced olives group. We incorporated Pınar Pickles and Olives Firm that operated in the pickle sector for 40 years in the well-known Gedelek village of Orhangazi into our company in the same year. By this means, we have set up the substructure to meet the demands of our customers with all types of olives and pickles. Olives and pickles are products harvested once a year. Therefore, olives to be processed and vegetables to be pickled should be stored in appropriate conditions during the harvest periods. If the crude olives are not stored in proper conditions during the harvest period, quality and taste loss incur. Taking into consideration the growing olive yield of our country, we have launched our integrated plant in the Gemiç neighborhood of Orhangazi in 2014, in order to deliver our products throughout the year to our customers in a stable manner. Our Gemiç integrated plant has 15.000 tons of product storage capacity. We can produce 100 tons of products per day through our latest technology packaging production lines in our Gemiç integrated plant. We have 21,000 tons of olives and 6,000 tons of fermented pickle storage capacity in all our plants. Our products reach many markets and shops in 81 cities of our country. We also export our products to nearly 20 countries such as, the Middle East, Turkish Republics, Russia and Europe. In the light of Mevlana’s “a care guides your way” statement, we have a particular concern to olive and we are carrying out critical research and development works in order to produce better quality olives. For example, we have reduced the salt rate of our black olives by about 25% -30% compared to the past. In addition, our less salted, dried black olives are gaining great popularity among our customers. We started the production of pepper paste that is used as a filling for green olives in the production of pepper stuffed olives in our Akhisar plant in 2016. As it was previously imported from abroad, pepper paste is a result of our 2-years R&D studies and we are proud to be a domestic company that manufactures the first pepper paste in Turkey. With the production of pepper paste, we have both contributed to the import reduction of our country and enabled other green pepper olive-producing companies to manufacture more economically. Eventually, we will continue our R&D studies to increase and improve our quality henceforward.